Sit up straight and live pain free. Suffer from spondylolisthesis, a
herniated disc back surgery, have neck pain spasm? Proven natural cure
for pain caused by bad posture.

Here is a Scientifically Proven Remedy that Naturally Eliminates Pain in the Neck and Back by Helping Adults and Children Properly Sit at the Desk or in Truck or Car.

Developed by Dr. Lionel A. Walpin the "Bottoms-Up" is a postural positioning device that has already helped thousands of people of all ages by eliminating pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, disc bulge, and virtually any pain caused by slouching.

To Review all Roloke Pain relief and posture support devices scientifically developed by Dr. Lionel A. Walpin Go to the Pain Remedies Department of Affordable Medical Equipment, Inc.

8 Hours a day Sitting & 8 Hours a Day Sleeping

Activities that can be harmful to the spine. We end up sleeping on our arms, our stomachs, and our spines sag. We wake up with headaches, sore muscles, nerve and joint irritation. Poor posture leads to micro trauma of tissues.

Improve your posture and end the need for sciatica treatment, lumbar pain, pinched nerve pain, medication for bulging disc, sore neck and back muscle pain.

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Natural back and neck pain relief with posture control products by Roloke

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