Finds Miracle Treatment for sciatic nerve, neck shoulder arm pains. No methadone for chronic back pain relief with the Wal-Pilo best rest neck pillow at

Roloke Wal-Pilo an FDA Approved Pillow for Neck & Back Pain

Pain relief and posture support devices scientifically developed by Lionel A. Walpin

Many seemingly minor repetitive physical stesses to the spine can cause serious injury. Millions of people are spending significant amounts of time sitting behind a computer or the steering wheel of a car or both every day.

Roloke Wal-Pilo


Add to that poor sitting or sleeping posture and its easy to understand how both sitting and sleeping often can cause low back pain, neck pain, general discomfort and fatigue, if good posture, postural alignment and flexibility are not maintained.

The good news is muscle and joint injuries and the pain associated with them, can usually be relieved or prevented with the aid of comfortable, biomechanical support devices developed by experts.

Roloke Company was established in 1977 and has grown to be recognized nationally and internationally as the specialty manufacturer of posture support and pain relief products.




Rolokes first product the Wal-Pilo neck pillow revolutionized the therapeutic pillow industry. Founded and directed by Lional A. Walpin MD a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitaion, rheumatology, body movement and pain management.




Roloke's purpose then and now are to research, develop and to market quality products that improve the everyday functional use of the body as in sitting and sleeping.

That means improved posture.

The designs of Roloke's products are based on anatomy and biomechanics to enhance the bodys postural alignment, its functional movement, and to help relieve pain. An added benefit is to reduce or eliminate the need for taking medication for pain.


8 Hours a day Sitting & 8 Hours a Day Sleeping

Activities that can be harmful to the spine. We end up sleeping on our arms, our stomachs, and our spines sag. We wake up with headaches, sore muscles, nerve and joint irritation. Poor posture leads to micro trauma of tissues.

Improve your posture and end the need for sciatica treatment, lumbar pain, pinched nerve pain, medication for bulging disc, sore neck and back muscle pain.


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Natural back and neck pain relief with posture control products by Roloke

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