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Z by Malouf GELLED MICROFIBER with Memory Foam Layer Gel Fiber Filled Pillow, QUEEN

Z GELLED Microfiber with Memory Foam Layer Gel Fiber Filled Pillow - Queen
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Gelled MicrofiberA offers the benefits and feel of down, however skipping out on the smell, pokiness of feathers, and allergenic tendencies. There is a half-inch memory foam layer on one side which offers a firmer feel when sleeping on that side. Dual-Comfort technology provides a more versatile sleep solution by offering varied levels of support. The siliconized tiny microfibers combine to create a consistent, resilient, and traditional filled pillow feel. Unlike down, the filling will not clump and doesn't flatten and go limp over time. The contents are naturally resistent to dust mites and allergens. The breathable construction will maintain

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