Many people would derive benefs by attending a support group in their communy. Yet they don't go, even at their doctor's urging. Lots of us might succeed in our effort to qu smoking, or gain knowledge and support for a life-threatening condion.

The reasons people sometimes refuse to join such communy support groups are many and legimate. Perhaps you're shy, don't like public groups or are housebound by illness or have transportation problems. The answer to all of these issues is as close as your keyboard. Online support groups offer many advantages and benefs.

Read on and see why there's really no reason to not join and attend an online support group when you have the need. One major advantage to online support groups is the certain degree of anonymy you'll realize. Many people are reluctant to walk in to a room full of people and start talking about their personal problems.

People who are shy or embarassed about their condion or suation may find takes so much time before they are willing to open up, they qu before they ever say a word. Online, you have a screen name which gives you anonymy if you wish. It's not nearly as intimidating to share your feelings and concerns in online support groups depression.

You'll also find a greater diversy of knowledge and personalies in cancer online support groups. You may encounter people from many different cultures, which tends to broaden the scope of perspectives. You'll also see that there are cross-cultural similaries in people's feelings, which may prove to be highly reassuring and supportive.

If the lady in Mexico has the same worries about her breast cancer as you do, the human element is inspiring and comforting. People from other countries may also know of treatments that have shown promise, but are not well-known here. Online support groups, by virtue of the added level of comfort you feel, can result in genuine and lasting friendships.

You may h off with one of your online support group members to the extent that you make a one-on-one support friend whom you can call or email personally when things get tough. Perhaps you'll simply make a good friend you might never have met otherwise. Unlike live communy support groups, you can meet online at any time of the day or night.

If you have an immediate need, just post a message online. Someone will be available or will get back to you. There's a closeness among members of online support groups divorce you may not find in the live venue. So, can you think of a single good reason not to avail yourself of the online support groups supportive of your efforts?