It's not easy to quit smoking! Here's some stop smoking advice from the horse's mouth!


While the number of ex-smokers continues to grow, there are still tens of millions of smokers in the U.S. alone. You've probably read or heard tons of advice to stop smoking over the years, but nonetheless, you're still smoking. Most people fail to quit smoking many times before they finally succeed.

The psychological impact of failed attempts can be construed in two ways, depending on your general mindset and attitude. Some people view the failed attempts in the glass-half-full, or positive perspective. “I quit for two days. I just have to keep on trying.”

Others, with the glass-half-empty, or negative perspective, take the Eeyore attitude. “Oh, what's the use? I'll never succeed.” This simple bit of insight is stop smoking tips you can use today, right now.

Did you learn to drive in a day?

Try, try again is the key to manipulating your own mindset.

In the same vein, you need to understand the psychological games every smoker plays. Most of the available stop smoking methods tends to focus on the negative effects of smoking, such as lung cancer, emphysema and all the other horrible consequences of your bad habit. It's really not constructive to try to scare yourself into quitting.
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