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What to Include in a Christmas Food Hamper

In the Scottish tradition I decided to make Christmas food hampers for my friends and family this year. This may seem like a lot of work but it really isn’t if you have your technique down pat. The Scottish Christmas food hamper has been around for generations but it has never been so easy to create them until now. I made a few some years back and I found the process to be exhausting.

The two Christmas food hampers that I made were not well thought out and I just didn’t have the organizational skill to make the best use of my time and efforts. I thought that my days of making Christmas food hampers for the holidays were over before they really began. That is until I discovered that you can create your very own arrangements online from the comfort of your home. I loved the process so much that I have to share my experience with you.

It has never been so fun and easy to make a special gift arrangement than it is right now. First of all, you want to choose the containers for the Christmas food gift hamper. There are typically three kinds of containers available. One is a lovely box that looks like a wrapped present. There is a postal box that is quite plain and more utilitarian in looks. Then there is my personal favorite; the picnic basket. After you choose your container it is time to fill it with items listed on the site.

You can choose from pastas and sauces or sweets or even beer and wine. There are many options and you can mix and match items as you go. I made three Christmas food gift hampers in one afternoon. I have to admit that this is not in keeping with my Scottish heritage, though. I really should go out and try to find the best deals on the items that I use to fill the Christmas food hampers but that will come in time. I think that I need a little online practice first.

My future endeavors are already in the works. Next year, I am going to get organized ahead of time. Now that I have practiced on the Internet I think that I have the skill that it takes to create my own Christmas food hampers without help. One of my hampers is going to go to my brother. I’m attaching a card that says, “You drive me nuts.” Inside this Christmas food hamper will be a collection of his favorite nutty treats including chocolate covered macadamias and pistachios.

I’m even going to add some hazelnut liquor in the mix. The best way to find inspiration for your own Christmas food hampers is to go online and make some for your friends and family this year. By next holiday season you will be flying solo.

Giving Christmas Cards and Stocking to your Child

Sometimes the best gift you can give to your child is one that you create by hand. You can create a beautiful Bucilla Christmas stocking with Christmas cards that is sure to be a wonderful keepsake for your child. This hand crafted holiday decoration can be made from any number of patterns and designs offered by the Bucilla Company. The Bucilla Christmas stocking is not your grandmother’s craft project. This item comes in an array of styles and many of these designs are really modern.

The patterns seem to merge traditional holiday themes with a peppering of modern amenities that are sure to please children as well as adults. I find the patterns to be wonderful to work with. I love arts and crafts but I do shy away from any kind of project that requires sewing. During the holiday season I always try to find a project that I can complete by hand. The Bucilla Christmas pet stocking is the perfect craft for me. The sewing is simple and the project is a great way for me to find my way around stitches.

I decided to order a felt appliqué kit from the company this year and I am thrilled with the product. The Christmas personalized Bucilla stocking comes with instructions that are so easy to follow that I think that any novice sewer would be comfortable working with the craft. The step-by-step process is more than easy to complete and I almost didn’t want the project to end so quickly. Inside the Bucilla Christmas felt appliqué kit you will find everything you need to complete your holiday craft.

The felts are pre-stamped with adorable designs and you have plenty of embellishments like sequins and beads. The Bucilla Christmas stocking custom even comes with beautiful gold plated needles to make the sewing a little more elegant. What I love about the kit aside from the adorable patterns and ease of use is the modern amenities that go with the Bucilla Christmas stocking felt appliqué kit. You can choose a pattern with a holiday tree that really lights up. There are a number of stockings that play music, too.

Many of the patterns are really old-fashioned. The Woodland Santa Bucilla Christmas stocking seems as if it were created over a century ago. The design is magnificently aged but the item is brand new. This is my favorite design of them all. The great thing about this particular piece is that it is musical as well as attractive. It is a prime example of how the Bucilla Christmas stocking merges the old with the new.