ESA Medical Programable Muscle Stimulator and TENS Dual Combo Unit, with 10 Modes of Operation, Compliance Timer and 8 Electrodes
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-Dual Channel, Digital Operation

-Large LCD Display

-3 Year Warranty

-Compliance Timer

Product Information:

EMS - Three (3) Function Mode: Synchronous, Constant, Alternating

- Pulse: Amplitude and Rate Adjustable

- Timer: 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes and continuous

- Cycle On/Off: Adjustable

- Wave Form: Asymmetrical

TENS - Seven (7) Function Mode:

- Burst (B): Width Fully Adjustable

- Continuous Mode (N): Pulse Rate, Pulse Width and Intensity Fully Adjustable

- Modulated width (M): Pulse Width is Automatically Varied

- Modulated Rate and Width (MRW):

-Alternating Modulated Width and Modulated Rate

- Strength-Duration and Rate Modulation (SDR): Alternating Modulated Intensity and Pulse Width

- Strength-Duration Width Modification (SDW):

System Includes: Stimulator, Lead Wires 8 Self-Adhesive Reuseable Electrodes 9