WINNERS 2 IN 1 Travel Pillows for Airplanes - Ultra Soft Inflatable Neck Pillow, Best Support Head Neck Rest Pillows Great for Travel Car Train Buses Office Home ... (Black)
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[FOR EVERYBODY] Everyone has a different go to sleeping position when traveling. [FLEXIBLE and ADAPTIVE] The Voyage Pillow is able to adapt to your preferred sleeping position while allowing for flexibility to shift around and change positions with ease without the pillow slipping or falling out of place. [HIGHLY ERGONOMIC] Place the Voyage Pillow over your eyes, on the side of your head, around your neck, under your chin, around your hand, behind your back, between your legs, or whatever else might work so you can get the best sleep possible! [MULTI USE] Attached at each end of the pillow, the multi-purpose band allows you to use