Why are Mesotheliioma Asbestos Fibers Are So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Author: Guess Why

Mesothelioma as it relates to asbestos is a science that while incomplete has some conclusive evidence to show that thin asbestos fibres are more damaging than thick fibers.

Time will prove all but ogic dictates that the mucus membranes would most certainly be more effective in removing air born carcinogens in molecules large than small.

Thinner fibres are able to lodge themselves in the lungs and so decompose or not, resulting in cancerous or debillitating respiratory problems.

Particularly problematic are thin and short asbestos fibers that remain indefinitely. Intense pain from inflamation is the result as the body ineffectually tries to rid the body of the unnatural man made particles.

Asbestos fibres are glasslike when viewed in a microscope and so when lodged in soft tissues pierce the flesh and inject themselves like fish hooks in the lungs, organs, stomach and other internal areas of the human body with no method of natural elimination.

Thus the difficulty of mesotheliioma is explained. ...