In my opinion, everyone should own a pair of comfort shoes.


Rather they are old, beaten up gym shoes from a few years ago, well-made leather moccasins, sandals for the summer time, or some other style, your comfort footwear are important if you want to be able to relax and unwind after a hard day of working.

You should feel alright about getting them a bit dirty if you want to wear them outside, content with the sight of your toe peaking out of the whole worn in the side of the shoe, and able to feel warm memories of all the time you've spent walking too and fro and wearing holes in the bottoms of your walking shoes.

Of course, there are people who take most comfortable shoes in an altogether different direction for some folks, shoe comfort is part science, part high-fashion. I have a friend who simply will not wear anything that he does not think is fashionable.
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