There is no holiday decoration more traditional and elegant than a balsam Christmas wreath. This classic of holiday décor is available through retailers who will deliver this icon of the Christmas season right to your home. The balsam Christmas wreath makes a wonderful present as well.

Almost anyone who has a birthday at the end of November or beginning of December would love to receive a balsam Christmas wreath as a gift. My sister’s birthday is on December 2nd and I send her one every year. The holiday tradition is well-received and she looks forward to the present every year.

The beauty of the balsam Christmas wreath is in the pine needles. The luscious balsam fir tree is full and fragrant. I just couldn’t imagine the holidays without this traditional decoration for our home. We place it proudly on our front door every year.

This may seem tedious but it really is not. I make sure to send a different style to my sister every year and I like to make my own decoration for my individual balsam Christmas wreath. The decorating options are endless and you can come up with unique ideas for the welcoming icon of the holiday season if you put your mind to it.

When I order my sister’s pre-decorated balsam Christmas wreath I make sure to purchase a plain one for myself. I go to the nearest crafts store for great holiday decorating ideas and put together a theme for the wreath. The theme is different every year. Here are some ideas that I have used in the past.

The “let it snow” theme uses blue and silver tones. I use a lot of sparkle and glitter on this design for the balsam Christmas wreath. There are large snowflake ornaments on the arrangement and I place a little artificial snow on some of the lush fir branches. This is one of my favorite designs.

The Santa Clause design is centered on the well-known character. I use different images related to Santa like a corncob pipe, cookies and milk and a Santa Claus ornament as well. The kids adore this arrangement.

My very favorite is the sleigh bell theme. I love to ring in the holiday season with lots of golden bells and red ribbons. I think that I favor this balsam Christmas wreath because it appeals to the senses. The sound of the sleigh bells and the red, green and gold colors are strongly tied to the season.

The scent of the balsam Christmas wreath is a memory booster as well. No matter what you decide to do with your project, you can be sure that it will be well received if you choose the right foundation. Nothing welcomes the holiday season like a balsam Christmas wreath.