In our society, many people try marijuana at one point or another. Although having a joint or two when you are young is generally harmless, has the unfortunate effect of sometimes blinding us to the appalling nature of teen substance abuse. When drug abuse teens, can tear their whole lives apart. Teenage drug abuse isn't the epidemic that many people will have you believe, but is a persistent problem.

Teenage drug users are not just sticking with the relatively harmless drugs like marijuana and tobacco, but are moving, through the gateway of alcohol, on to harder stuff like LSD and cocaine. They are consuming more of than they used to, and the potency is stronger. There are many different approaches to teen drug abuse, and the verdict is not really in on which one is best.

As a parent, is important to be flexible. Many people teach a program of “just say no,” believing that this is the best possible poison. The problem is that this program often implies that all drugs are equally harmful. If a teenager tries marijuana, he may be led to believe that cocaine is no more serious of a drug than pot is. Many people think that this approach only leads to more teenage drug abuse.

In my opinion, the best way to not let drug abuse and teens get in the way is to give them all the information. Don't get me wrong, is important to tell them that using drugs is not good for them, but is also important to give them the straight facts. Some teens abuse drugs because they want to experiment, and those teens need to know the relative risks of the different drugs.

A teenager trying a joint and hanging out around the neighborhood probably won't get into a lot of trouble, whereas at kid having a fifth of whiskey could drink himself to death or die in a car accident. Of course, sometimes is necessary to intervene when teens abuse drugs. Teenage drug abuse can get out of control very easily, and go from some light experimentation into something much more serious.

Teenage drug treatment programs, fortunately, are available in every major city. The experts in these programs know why do teens abuse drugs, and how to stop them. Although is better to do an intervention earlier on with some light grounding and a firm talking to, sometimes professional drug treatment is the only option.