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Explaining The Differences Between The Drx9000 And Other Non-surgical Lumbar Decompression Systems?

It is common to hear about the DRX9000 and how it is superior to other devices, but what truly sets the DRX9000 apart from any other spinal decompression table?

A non-surgical spine decompression system may only be as effective as its research demonstrates. We trust you make decisions based on real data, not generalizations. Safety and effectiveness should be the primary concern when it involves a patient's health Can this unit help my patient recover from a back condition? These are the topics that should be discussed. Do you concur? After all, the goal is to provide your mid back pain patients with the highest level of care not just a visually pleasing gadget

In order to demonstrate how Axiom Worldwide has managed to sell over 1,700 units worldwide, let's take the above mentioned rationale a step further. For this example, let's just say that all non-surgical spine decompression systems are the same in efficacy. If this were the case, what would make the DRX9000 any different from the competition?

Very Reliable, Ongoing Client Support, Quality Components, Treatment Effectiveness

The DRX9000 utilizes parts from exclusive partnership companies.

Exclusive Strategic Partnership Data

Strategic partnerships between well-recognized technology manufacturers ensure a two-way flow of design and manufacturing expertise, improve Axiom Worldwide products, and ultimately improve your patient's treatment outcomes. They show mutual confidence in the strength of the partnering company's product offering, and a long-term commitment to jointly bring the best concepts to the marketplace.

Nippon Bearing (NB) specialty bearings support the floating lower mattress as it glides back and forth during a back decompression treatment on the DRX9000. Today, those bearings are lubricated with X-1R technology Lubricants. Axiom Worldwide and Nippon Bearing worked together to evaluate X1-R technology in the bearings utilized by the DRX9000 by developing a test bench and performing exhaustive engineering validations. This mixture has proved to be rather valuable, as recent test data supplied by Nippon Bearing shows great results.

To view information on the test data released by Nippon Bearing visit

Danaher-Motion servo-amplifier and servo-motor technology are at the heart of the DRX9000 design. They make the forces utilized for therapy which are coupled through Danaher-Motion's Micron gearhead. Axiom Worldwide and Danaher's Motion Micron worked together to evaluate the X1-R technology in the gearhead utilized by the DRX9000 by developing a test bench and carry out exhaustive engineering validations.

If you are a mid back pain sufferer and would like to learn more about non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, please ask your doctor if the DRX9000 is appropriate for you.

Is Non-surgical Spine Decompression Therapy Considered A Back Pain Procedure Alternative?

With millions of lumbar pain sufferers worldwide seeking out alternative ways to find chronic lumbar pain relief, non-surgical lumbar decompression therapy arises. Non-surgical decompression therapy therapy has successfully treated many lumbar pain sufferers who received unsatisfactory results with customary therapy methods such as bed rest, physical therapy, pain medications, acupuncture, surgery and traction. As new clinical research presenting the positive outcomes of this form of treatment continues to arise, it may not be long before it is widely considered to be an effective modality for chronic lumbar pain conditions.

In a clinical research study published in Pain Practice, patient outcomes indicated that chronic low back pain improved with treatment on the DRX9000 True Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System™.

The study titled, “Treatment of 94 Outpatients With Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain with the DRX9000: A Retrospective Chart Review,” indicated that patients with a mean pain duration of 535 weeks (Over 10 years) reported a mean verbal numerical pain intensity rating equal to 6.05 on a 0 to 10 scale prior to treatment with the DRX9000™.

Patients underwent therapy at four clinics throughout the United States. They underwent 30-minute DRX9000 sessions daily for the first 2 weeks reducing to 1 session/week.

After the end of the DRX9000 True Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System treatment, the mean verbal numerical pain intensity rating decreased to a statistically and clinically significant rating of 0.89.

Moreover, patients also described a decrease in analgesic use and improvement in activities of daily living.

The authors were able to follow-up at a mean 31 weeks with 29 patients and reveal mean values of 83% improvement in back pain and satisfaction of 8.55 on a 10-point scale. None of these 29 patients reported requiring surgery. The authors also acknowledge that there are other spinal decompression tables available commercially. However, they suggest that the design difference between these devices, "may lead to differing physical responses to therapy, so studies of one type of apparatus should not readily be applied across all machines.”

As more clinical research demonstrating positive results utilizing this form of treatment are released, the question may no longer be whether it’s effective but rather who is currently offering it.

To learn more about non-surgical back decompression treatment and available research data, please visit

This information is not intended nor should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your doctor before considering any medical treatment method available.

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Diet For Fibromyalgia – Is Diet The Cure For Fibromyalgia

Diet plays a big role in keeping many health issues in check and it's also important for fibromyalgia sufferers. While information about fibromyalgia diet is still sketchy to say the least, evidence suggests that there could be benefits in other eating or avoiding certain food types.

Deciding on a diet for fibromyalgia if symptoms are playing havoc in your life means sitting down with your doctor and pinpointing what times symptoms are worse and whether there is any connection with food eaten before the episode.

The same should be noted of when symptoms are less apparent and whether there is a relation to any type of food you ate in connection with symptoms subsiding. Eating foods which are high in antioxidants and low in fat are usually encouraged.

Is Diet A Cure For Fibromyalgia

It is possible to reduce or overcome the symptoms of fibromyalgia by taking fibromyalgia diet and change in lifestyle. There are some foods that must be totally eliminated from your diet and they include alcohol, coffee, chocolates and carbonated drinks.

Other guidelines for a good fibromyalgia diet are drinking plenty of water, eat fibre and make fruits and vegetables an integral part of your diet. Other foods that must be avoided as a part of fibromyalgia diet are fried foods, white sugar, white flour, high fat dairy products, red meat, saccharine, tobacco, nutrasweet and alcoholic beverages.

Studies indicate that phosphorus from the bones is leaked as a result of consuming carbonated beverages that may cause memory loss. Also, sugar in these beverages can lead to yeast problems. Caffeine is diuretic meaning you need to replace the lost water due to their consumption. As you urinate more, the calcium in the body is lost faster. Consumption of caffeine also puts more stress on liver and adrenal glands.

Consider A Good Diet For Fibromyalgia

If you are suffering from fibro symptoms it's important to take special fibromyalgia diet. You must eat well and try to include raw foods into your diet. There are certain enzymes in raw foods that help in digestion of food. They are also full of phytochemicals and antioxidants that improve your immune system.

If you have a juicer, make a habit of drinking fresh carrot juice everyday. It is the best diet for fibromyalgia and has been known to cure cancer and various other diseases as well. Look for healthy recipes over the Internet and be a part of forum where people are dealing with the same problem. Good diet and regular exercise can cure most of the illnesses.

What You Need To Know About Back Pain And Fibromyalgia

Did you know that some Americans go from doctor to doctor for five to eight years before being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome? On one hand, this debilitating back pain, hip pain and nerve pain, which results in overall body pain, is so serious that 60% of sufferers are out of work. Yet because the cause of the pain symptoms is so unclear, there is a negative stigma associated with Fibromyalgia, leading some to go so far as to call it the "Welfare Disorder." The pain is very real though, which is perhaps why there are support groups nationwide to help the 6-8 million sufferers cope.

You'll know Fibromyalgia back pain by its longevity. Sure, there are good days and bad days, but the dull pain seems to remain a constant. The pain feels like tenderness or sensitivity in key areas: the back of the head, elbows, knees, hips, upper back and upper chest. The pain is typically bad in the morning, improves slightly throughout the day and worsens at night. Some patients report a migratory throbbing sensation, while others report an overall aching or burning.

In addition to back pain, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue often come together. While the immediate cause of Fibromyalgia Syndrome is unknown, researchers speculate that changes in the brain related to Dopamine, Seratonin, pain receptors and neurotransmitters may have something to do with the disorder. It's no coincidence that these same chemicals affect our sleep patterns as well. When patients miss out on their quality rejuvenation time, a whole myriad of other problems may take shape. Chronic headaches, poor memory performance, lethargy, depression, sensitivity to changes in environment and disrupted urination or menstruation are common symptoms as well.

To treat Fibromyalgia back pain, doctors usually try anti-inflammatory medication first as a precaution, though it rarely is enough. For patients who suffer sleeplessness, restless leg syndrome, morning stiffness and mood swings first and foremost, 50 mg of anti-depressant Amitriptyline improved symptoms significantly, though the tender points usually weren't addressed. For people whose primary symptom is the tender points, muscle relaxants ease the pain symptoms, although morning stiffness, depression and fatigue may still persist. Sedatives helped patients immensely when it came to getting a good night's sleep, but non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory, cortico steroids and analgesics did nothing to help patients.

Awareness Is A First Step In Lower Back Pain Treatment.

The traditional treatment methods for Lower Back Pain neck pain.

Back pain affects both men and women young and old. It can limit the quality of life of the people it affects and can often prevent them from earning a living.
The first thing you need to do when you injure your neck or lower back is see a doctor.The doctor will perform a physical examination to observe the joints and muscles, check to see if there was any pain when lying down,sitting,standing,turning your head from side to side and to observe and feel the area of lower back pain and to see if other areas of the neck are painful or tender. To make a proper diagnostic evaluation of your back pain, the doctor will test nerve function using a rubber hammer or a pin. This will test for numbness and nerve sensitivity.
The doctor will probably suggest you take some kind of over the counter painreliever like acetaminophen,Tylenol,ibuprofen,Motrin or one of the other available pain relievers at your local pharmacy. They are usually the least harmful in regards of their side effects and potential for causing an addiction. In some cases this might be all you will need for a lower back pain medicine.If your doctor prescribes a medication make sure that you are aware of the possible side effects.

Awareness is your first step in Lower Back Pain Treatment neck pain treatment.

Treatment for lower back pain that appears suddenly and is acute should start with applying a cold pack to the injured location for twenty-four hours or more. A cold treatment will help reduce the swelling relieve the pain and decrease your muscle spasms. If you don't want a cold pack you can fill up a plastic bag with crushed ice and wrap a cloth around it or use some frozen veggies wrapped in a paper towel. Don't leave the cold pack on for too long and end up with damage to your skin. Ice for 15 minutes at a time is what most doctors recommend.
Be sure when you use ice or a heating pad that you are comfortable. Leaving a heating pad on in bed is a bad idea instead use a hot water bottle,you never want to go to sleep while using an electrical heating pads because of the danger of skin burns or worse.

What to do and answers to Chronic Back Pain Relief neck pain relief.

Remember to relax. Try to find a comfortable position to rest your back muscles. Find a firm surface to lie down on like a floor or carpet and position some pillows under your knees. If you can, stay in this position until you start to feel better.

Learning how to manage the back pain is your first step in lessening or eliminating the pain. Be aware that pain management is different than the treatment of your pain, it is still a very important step towards becoming pain free. Pain management is a method where the patient learns how to handle the chronic back pain or neck pain and not let it control your life. The goal is to always work towards some back pain relief. Chronic pain that's left untreated such as chronic lower back pain can lead to many other health problems such as damage to the immune system or lead to psychological problems such as depression and anger. It also affect your physical capabilities, making us less active and not get the exercise you need. In older people it will affect their balance and can cause an overall loss of strength and a decline in their health.

Diet For Fibromyalgia – Can Food Be The Cure For Fibro Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome difficult to diagnose. Simply because unline many diseases and afflictions where there is visible evidence to confirm it's presence, fibromyalgia symptoms are invisible in appearance yet their effect on the human body can literally reduce a person to "solitary confinement."

Women seem to be affect most and at this stage, there is no known cure. So people are now looking to diet as a possible way to combat symptoms. Looking for the best diet for fibromyalgia may be as simple as sticking with antioxidant rich and low fat foods.

While there is no concrete evidence yet to suggest that diet for fibromyalgia will be the most effective solution to combating symptoms there are definitely some encouraging signs.

The Perfect Fibromyalgia Diet?

There is no perfect diet for fibromyalgia but there are definitely foods you need to consider. It consists of healthy foods that are high in immunity boosting antioxidants and low in fat content. Antioxidants and phytochemicals in these foods work together and maximize alertness and energy levels. They also tend to minimize lethargy and fatigue.

There are few foods that must be totally avoided from your fibromyalgia diet. These foods include coffee, carbonated beverages, chocolate and alcoholic beverages. Some of the other foods that need to be avoided are tobacco, fried foods, white sugar, high fat dairy products and red meat.

Giving Up Foods That Could Be Harmful

The mere thought of giving up soda, alcohol, sugar or cigarettes could be very scary for some people. But it is important to realize that these addictions are slow poison for your body and you will never recover from fibromyalgia unless you give them up. All you need to do is make this transition gradually instead of sudden. Do not use them as comfort foods and keep in mind that your immune system is already compromised and you cannot afford to deteriorate it further.

Different people suffering from fibromyalgia react differently to various foods. Discover your own sensitivity for food and maintain a food diary. You can write what goes on into your mouth and your body’s reaction to that. This will help you discover foods that may trigger pain or allergy.

Make carrot juice a part of your daily diet. In addition to this, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and foods have omega 3 oil. Fibromyalgia diet nutrition is important so that your body can get rid of toxins and restore nutrients. Beware of the miracle diets and supplements that are advertised for FM patients. Inform your physician if your going to start a new diet plan.

Cracking the Puzzlement Concerning What Fibromyalgia is

The common question that firstly rises when we learn about what fibromyalgia is, is whether or not fibromyalgia is an disease. For years, laymen and even scientists deem fibromyalgia as just a psychosomatic condition than a serious disease. Peruse the following explanation about what fibromyalgia is to crack this confusion.

Though after running brain scans, doctors have been able to detect that there are positively failure functions in the brain’s sensory activities. develops in extreme soreness in the musculoskeletal area.

Does it Affect Everyone the Same?

Another frequent question with consider to learning about what fibromyalgia is whether fibromyalgia is the similar in each person. The truth is that fibromyalgia pain is experienced in a different way by different people and in different parts of the body aswell. Furthermore, some fibromyalgia patients will feel countless fatigue whereas other people may not. In addition, fibromyalgia occurs in different varieties too.

When remembering what fibromyalgia is, you also need to learn concerning the different types of fibromyalgia that include mood related, repetitive trauma, post trauma fibromyalgia, and hormonal abnormalities.

You will also be able to comprehend what fibromyalgia is by learning about the regular symptoms of fibromyalgia which in any case, leads to excruciating pain that is in fact quite unbearable. However, the good news is that fibromyalgia symptoms are not life threatening and they can vary according to the patient’s stress levels, level of physical activity, time of day as well asIn general, this pain is experienced in certain areas of the body that are known as trigger points.

As mentioned before, fibromyalgia is a serious condition though the symptoms can be irregular or even constant. The symptoms of fibromyalgia include irritableness, troubled sleeping, bloated stomachs, abdominal pain, constipation, and also extreme sensitivity to noises odors and even bright lights.

Finally, the question that needs to be answered sufficiently concerning what fibromyalgia is, is how fibromyalgia is treated. The answer is that fibromyalgia can be treated in various different ways including hypnosis though the most important thought in this regard must definitely be that the patient must be able to get relief eventually.

The buzz about what fibromyalgia is has been vapparent. You can then obtain remedial measures to find relief and also to fight out the condition with more self-assurance and less vunease whenever you fall into this condition.

Are you serious to know more about what fibromyalgia is? If so, keep your eyes opened to beneficial information about fybromyalgia. Have a look - you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Unusual Fibromyalgia Diet Cures Back and Neck Pain Symptoms

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Fibro Syndrome – Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia Syndrome

If you are hurting all over and feeling fatigued on a regular basis then it could be fibromyalgia at play. While that's a little hard to determine without seeking proper medical attention, fibromyalgia is often the last thing considered when people suffer these symptoms.

Fibromyalgia syndrome is somewhat of a silent affliction but has been brought more and more to the forefront in the past few years. It's one of those syndromes that is usually considered as a last resort explanation when all else fails yet those who have it have to battle a daily dose of restrictive symptoms.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Let's take a look at some of the symptoms to be aware of with fibro syndrome. Common symptoms include;

- widespread pain
- sleep disturbance
- regular fatigue
- pain in the face
- regular headaches
- sensitivity to touch and noise.
- diarrhoea and or constipation
- anxiety and mood swings

Fibromyalgia Treatment

There is not much information available regarding diet and nutrition for fibromyalgia it is not sure if any diet affects fibromyalgia positively or negatively. As a general rule, eating a well balanced diet that has all the food items from food pyramid is important to keep our body and mind in best shape. Fibromyalgia diet is not special but it just includes food items that are low in fat content and high in oxidants that boost the immunity. These work along with phytochemicals to maximize energy and minimize fatigue.

Some people have been able to deal with fibromyalgia by making some changes in their diet and lifestyle. There are some healthy recipes that can help you cure it and Internet is a good place to look for. You can also talk to a dietician who can draft a diet plan for you.

More Treatment Options

The most important thing that you can do to fight fibromyalgia is to take care of yourself. There are small changes that will take you a long way. It is good to reduce the stress in your life. You must give yourself time to relax and if possible meditate. It is also important to get enough sleep and you can do this by developing good sleep habits like going to bed on time, and getting up at the same time each morning. Limit your daytime sleep so that you can get a good sleep in the night.

Exercise will be very helpful in treating fibromyalgia though it might be difficult initially but persistence is the key. You can start with easy forms of exercise such as walking or swimming and then gradually increase the intensity. Even during the day, keep yourself active. Eat a well balanced diet and avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine. Engage in the physical activities that interest you.